A review of nutrition and dietary interventions in oncology.

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A review of nutrition and dietary interventions in oncology.

SAGE Open Med. 2020;8:2050312120926877

Authors: Gray A, Dang BN, Moore TB, Clemens R, Pressman P

The complex cellular mechanisms and inter-related pathways of cancer proliferation, evasion, and metastasis remain an emerging field of research. Over the last several decades, nutritional research has prominent role in identifying emerging adjuvant therapies in our fight against cancer. Nutritional and dietary interventions are being explored to improve the morbidity and mortality for cancer patients worldwide. In this review, we examine several dietary interventions and their proposed mechanisms against cancer as well as identifying limitations in the currently available literature. This review provides a comprehensive review of the cancer metabolism, dietary interventions used during cancer treatment, anti metabolic drugs, and their impact on nutritional deficiencies along with a critical review of the following diets: caloric restriction, intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, Mediterranean diet, Japanese diet, and vegan diet.

PMID: 32537159 [PubMed]

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